Training Course "Identity and Roots", Łódź, Poland, March 3-10, 2020

This photo shows the our partners and the participants from an event that took part in 2018
Participants in Łódź with our partners Bartek and Silvia, 2018

We are searching for 2 motivated participants from Germany! If you are interested, please fill this application form.


Our partners from EFRC will an awesome training course in Łódź, Poland:


The Erasmus+ Training Course "Identity & Roots: the path to counter radicalization with youth work" is the answer to our issues, focusing on the priorities of 2020 interlinked with social inclusion and European values, and the relevance of those policies and points which can intervene in the life of young people via youth work. What we want to achieve is to tackle radicalization of young people as much as possible through the direct action of youth work in Europe, multiplying knowledge and strategies which can be of true help for our society and future. Our objectives are:

  • Explore the concept of youth radicalization among European youth and tackle issues related to it
  • Analyze roots and consequences of youth radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism starting from the identity and self-awareness
  • Find a set of outputs to fill an educational plan based on non-formal education
  • Increase the understanding regarding the role of youth work in preventing violent radicalization and in supporting  young people’s resilience and empowerment
  • Develop a strategy to potential, joint policy to contrast the phenomenon of youth radicalization, especially focusing on youth at risk
  • Design a space for sharing inspiring practices among youth workers and design tools for learning
  • Spread the outcomes of the Erasmus+ Programme and its relevance in the youth sector.

We expect youth workers to uphold on their responsibility for young people’s and non-formal learning to counter radicalization, having the ability to address difficult and sensitive issues directly, openly and honestly in a way to contrast the phenomena connected to it.

The project will last a bow period of 6 months, and the 7 days implementation phase will take place in Łódź (Poland) from 3rd to 10th March 2020, welcoming participants from Poland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain and The Republic of North Macedonia.

We are searching for 2 motivated participants from Germany! If you are interested, please fill this application form.

Infopack Identity and Roots
In this document, you can find all needed info about the Training Course "Identity and Roots"
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