Show Up! - Best Practices on Increasing Visibility of Youth Work (02-08. September 2018 - Kobuleti, Georgia)

In September 2018, we finally implemented our first training course in Kobuleti, Georgia!


Here are some impressions of one of our participants from Germany:

"With the close of every Erasmus+ training course I've attended, I am left blown away by the power of cultural exchange and possibility of non-formal education. There is nothing quite like the coming together of young individuals from different corners of the continent, who are all passionate about the same thing: youth development. The 6 warm days we spent just a stone's throw away from the Black Sea, in Kobuleti, were no exception to this. Now, that I've returned to Berlin, I'm taking this chance to reflect on my time in Georgia thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, the hosting organisation, Droni and the German sending organisation, SEED.  

With a delegation of youth workers from Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Italy and the Ukraine, the training course began on the 2nd of September on the Georgian coastline. The topic of the course: effective dissemination and increased visibility of NGOs. Unlike other training courses I've attended, our trainer Felix, introduced a refreshing new format of non formal education. Instead of taking part in trainings facilitated by our trainer, we primarily learnt from each other. In these situations, diversity is strength - and I admired how this training course allowed us to harness the diversity (-of culture, -of field of work, -of organisation) in our group and to use it as a tool to learn. Through the presentation, exchange and discussion of our own best practices and methods, each of us left the Kobuleti with a notebook of new ideas and methods to increase the successful dissemination of our own work."
Victoria (AEGEE-Berlin)